Online dating advice for men

Online dating advice for men

First you have to have a reasonable profile. Profiles are only of moderate importance, but they must be truthful. No uploading phony pictures, and no filling out fake personal details, like height, marital status, etc. Avoid the tired old stereotypes of putting things like "not into head games", or "looking for someone honest". If you succeed in triggering someone's emotions right off the bat, you will get noticed. The most difficult part is getting that initial response. It is important to hedge your bet by sending out plenty of messages, but don't spread yourself too thin. It is important to put something meaningful and personal in the message you are sending. Messages like "hi, how's it going?" sometimes work, but if you say something more to the effect of "your picture reminds me of olden days, do you like dancing by any chance?" is way better. The best initial message is one which refers to something she specifically mentions in her profile. Sending messages without a leading question will definitely lower your conversion rate.
After her first reply you should read her profile more thoroughly. Based upon what she wrote in her profile and her initial response, you should pick up on what some of her interests are and ask about those. It is important for her to think you respect her on an intellectual and emotional level as a person, Humour is good,


talk bad. Have a little patience, and online dating success will be yours. Don't say anything to a person online that you wouldn't say in person, or that might get you slapped. Just because you're sitting in front of a computer screen does not mean there is not a real person out there who you are communicating with. It is just as real as if you were sitting in the room together talking. Talk to her like she's a long lost friend who you are catching up with after several years. Women like to be treated as if they are your friend, and will feel that it shows respect towards them and will respect you for it in return. Women like a


who is aloof enough to not talk to them for a few days and then sends them a message indicating that she hasn't been forgotten. When you finally do go out, keep it simple. Go out for coffee, a drink, dinner maybe. If you aren't much of a conversationalist try a movie or mini-putt or something distracting so that you won't feel the pressure to keep talking all the time. Once you've been out once or twice, you can step up the romance a notch by going for a walk in the park, or to a scenic spot in the area.

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