Dating rules

Dating rules

Relationships and dating

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If dating is a game, then just like any other game, there are rules you need to study, learn and follow.

To do :

  1. Do try to always look your best and be punctual. Showing up late or looking messy gives the impression that you don't care.
  2. Do try to enjoy yourself on dates. Yes, finding your soul mate is serious business, keep in mind that this is supposed to be fun.
  3. Do compliment your


    on how he or she looks. Men and women tend to put a lot of effort into getting ready for a date, and it's nice to hear that all that energy paid off.
  4. Ask questions, share insights and pay attention when your date is telling you what they like to do, read, watch, listen to, etc.
  5. Do tell someone directly if you're not interested in seeing them again. If you don't want to go on another date with someone, let them down as gently -- but firmly -- as possible.
  6. Do date only people you're attracted to, no matter what your friends say.
  7. Do stay positive, even when dates don't end well. Along the way, you will probably meet some pretty nice people.
  8. Do plan ahead. Dating is a creative diversion that requires concentration and energy, so make arrangements ahead of time and let your date know you put some thought into the evening.
  9. The man or woman you've been searching for your whole life is probably not going to come ring your doorbell and beg you to go to dinner anytime soon. Dating requires action, so get out there and


    as many people as you can.
  10. Part of the fun of dating is


    , comparing notes and commiserating with your friends. Surround yourself with positive people who are rooting for you to succeed at


    and will be there for you if you need emotional support.
Don’t do :
  1. Don't call, text message or email someone you've just started seeing more than once a day unless they reply. Don't date the kind of people who've hurt you in the past.
  2. Don't be late for a


    . If you have to change your plans, give the other person as much notice and consideration as possible.
  3. Don't lie to your


    or about any aspect of your life, even if the truth isn't as


    or you're worried they won't like it. It would be awful to ruin a potentially life-changing


    with your perfect match because of some silly lie you told early on to impress him or her.
  4. Don't be too available. We don't mean you should play games, but if you're free every night, you're probably not taking care of yourself, pursuing your own interests and spending time with your friends -- which means you're probably not very interesting to talk to.
  5. Don't give away too much about yourself at the beginning. Revealing your innermost secrets on the second date can lead to rejection.
  6. Don't check out other people when you're on a


  7. Don't be rude or get drunk on a


    . Courtesy and manners will get you everywhere.
  8. Don't ignore your personal safety. Carry your cell phone and keep it charged -- and make sure to tell your friends where you're going and when you'll be back. First


    should take place in well-lit public places.
  9. Don't give out personal information like your home phone number or address on the first date. Keep these details to yourself until you trust the person you're dating.

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