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Gentlemen, to transform your encounter into the jackpot.... without making a blunder.
For her to succumb virtually and fall for your charms in reality, gentlemen, eDesirs is your discrete and effective partner. On eDesirs, meeting someone is quick and easy. You just have to follow some basic advice, be yourself, have a sense of humour and you're done! Add to that a fun and friendly environment and you have no more reasons to hesitate in joining our community site...
  1. On eDesirs, first of all we ask you to specify the type of meeting you are looking for. Indeed, when you register you have the choice between: Dating, Sexy dating and Friendship. You decide whether you are just looking for a one-off encounter, or the woman of your life. You will then be asked to specify the type of woman you wish to meet, their age, where they come from, and many more profile details. Our search engine will help you define all your selection criteria.
  2. Create an original and complete username, and write a message which resembles you: summarize in a few words what you desire. A little humour will be welcome, but be careful not to confound humour and bad taste. Be light and inventive if you wish to attract the attention of the women who register. Of course, don't focus on one single woman; on the contrary keep your options open and sustain connections in parallel. Anyway, get moving!
  3. Adapt yourself to the person with whom you are in contact. On eDesirs, it’s like in real life: you meet all sorts of women. You will have to adapt your approach, meeting technique and your talking points according to the woman you are talking to.
You will find more useful advice on the pages of our website. So, ready to take the plunge? Ready to come and talk openly, no taboos and




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