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Ladies, to transform your encounter into the jackpot.... without making a blunder.
To avoid the dead-ends and pitfalls of online dating, here is a little advice that is just plain common sense. You're dying to join an online dating site? (Obviously because you're reading this!) Are you ready for exchanges and discussions? Ready to take your chance and open yourself up to others? Ready to finally meet THE MAN of your dreams? Well, the recipe for success of online dating, the essential ingredient in the alchemy of cybernetic love, is YOU! Yes, let's be clear about this: you will have to dig deep to bring your glamour and seduction to the fore, and ... go for it. But not headlong...Women on dating sites are generally very much in demand, particularly for chatting. So, follow the subsequent advice...and good luck!
  1. On eDesirs, first of all we ask you to specify the type of meeting you are looking for. Indeed, when you register you have the choice between: Dating, Sexy dating and Friendship. You decide whether you are just looking for a one-off encounter, or to meet the man of your life. You will then be asked to specify the type of man you wish to meet, their age, where they come from, and many more profile details. Our search engine will help you define all your selection criteria.
  2. Create an original and complete username. Your username must reflect why you have joined or a personal trait; it must be explicit. Your message must sum up in a few words what you desire. A point in common or a shared leisure activity is often a good reason to start up a conversation. Your photo is the ingredient that will make the difference. A little advice ladies, choose a photo in which you are looking at the camera. As revealed by an online survey, a mischievous expression (rather than a smile) would of course be a positive point, just like a generously low neckline (a low neckline is to the female profile what a well-formed six-pack is to the male profile!) And, as a last resort, just be yourself...
  3. To "join the party" you will have to do two simple things: consult the profiles of those who contact you and take a quick look at their ads to rapidly figure out what they are looking for. You can then chat, get to know each other, and finally maybe take the plunge to meet them...in the real world.
  4. It’s the final aim of our process. You can’t hide from the truth: this final step is the only way you will be able to discover if yes or no you get along. Having a drink in a bar is a good method: you're not committing yourself too much and it’s easy to escape. Choose a quiet place where you won't meet anyone you know.
You will find more useful advice on the pages of our website. So, ready to take the plunge? Don't hesitate any longer: on eDesirs,

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