is, a way to


potential mates and see if they are compatible. In some situations,


is the only way to open


with someone you don't know and might not otherwise ever see again.

And here it is 5 advice for flirt.
  1. Flirting

    is fun, but only if you don't take it too seriously. Most of the time, you'll just


    with someone for a short time and then maybe never talk to them again.
  2. Use your body language to give signals that you are the fun person that you are, and to show that you're comfortable and confident. Be Relax and smile. Read body language. Does the person look approachable? Do they appear interested in you? From the moment you see someone with whom you might want to


    , you should read his or her body language. Make eye contact, smile with your eyes, but not for more than a moment or two.
  3. Initiate a conversation with the person you're interested in. If you don't already know them simply make small talk.
  4. Gradually share information about yourself in a reciprocal manner. Take turns talking, and each time the other person gives you some information about himself or herself, give similar information about yourself, and maybe give slightly more personal information than that person gave.
  5. Give the person your complete attention Being a good listener is far more important to successful


    than being witty. Use body language to hint at your romantic intentions If things are going really well, you might want to try to break the touch barrier. Touch his or her arm briefly and gently as you talk. Close the deal. Tell the person you'd like to see him or her again, and just ask for their phone number or, if it feels right, try to set up a date for some future time. If the person isn't interested, don't sweat it. There'll always be another







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